American Legion post offers benefits to vets

Nicaragua is a land of never-ending surprises—especially if you are a foreigner residing in this lovely country.

Many Americans who come here are ex-military men: Imagine how fortunate one would be to discover the existence of an American Legion post in the colonial city of Granada?

For those who don’t know, the American Legion is the largest veterans’ organization in America, with 3 million members and posts in counties overseas. American Legion is a multifaceted group primarily engaged in helping veterans and active duty members of the armed forces.

 There are many little-known programs to assist vets (one gentleman in Granada more than doubled his social security pension because of his stint in the Air Force.) The Legion aids vets in dealing with the V.A. and in obtaining benefits due them for their service to the nation. Disability, aid to dependents, medical care, education and burial are among the best known.

The American Legion is also a civic and charitable entity. On a national level the Legion lobbies Congress over veterans’ care, sponsors youth groups and manages scholarship funds, as well as supports and advocates for military families with spouses deployed abroad.

Locally, Post NI 01 has donated equipment, computers and vehicles to the hospital, police and fire departments. The latest project was the delivery of a fully functioning and equipped ladder truck to the Bomberos of La Villa in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy.

Post NI 01 sponsors an annual 4th of July event (usually with the U. S. Ambassador and the Marine color guard) to which Nicaraguans and Americans are invited. There is also a less formal Independence Day traditional picnic.

If you are an American military veteran (of any nationality) and need assistance, information or would just enjoy a bit of comradeship with other ex service members, please contact Leonel Poveda (chief of Bancentro, Granada) or email

  • Keith

    Attn. Veterans

    Saturday, 20 Oct. 2012 ,11:00 am (was 10:00 am) at Mi Museo (across the street from BanCentro in Granada). There will be a VETERANS ORIENTATION BRIEFING, that will provide Veterans with important information pertaining to several types of Veterans benefits. All US
    Veterans are invited and should attend.