Boitano sentenced to preventive prison

Managua Judge Julio César Arías ordered opposition legislative candidate Víctor Boitano to a preventive prison sentence during a preliminary trial Wednesday morning.

Boitano, a congressional candidate for the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN), is being accused of carrying an illegal weapon and shooting and seriously injuring José Dolores Almendares during a political rally Aug. 10.

The charges against Boitano were filed a day after he was publically accused of plotting to kidnap President Daniel Ortega’s daughter, Camilia. Boitano, a former cornel in the Sandinista Popular Army and a vocal critic of Ortega, claims he is being set up for denouncing political corruption.

Boitano entered the courtroom shouting “I am innocent, I am innocent!”

His trial is scheduled to start Oct. 31.

  • Luciana Rojas

    His trial is going to start in 2 weeks and there is another cases that have years wating for justices. Ay Nicaragua, Nicaraguita!

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