Granada firefighters to hold fundraiser

Granada’s Benemerito Cuerpo de Bomberos, the colonial city’s volunteer fire department, on the corner of Calle Corrales and Calle 14 de Setiembre, sends cordial greetings to the citizens of Granada and invites everyone to this Tuesday’s “Hablaton Bomberil 2011” in the Central Park.

The annual fundraising event will be held Oct. 18, from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. in the Parque Central. It will also be broadcast on Granada’s local radio station, Radio Volcan.

In the words of Dr. Hebert Francisco Marenco Torres, Comandante of the Volunteer Firefighters, “The main purpose of raising funds is to cover maintenance and operating expenses that our firefighting units require. We do this for the simple reason to safeguard and to prevent any disasters that may occur, and thus provide better service to our community.”

Commander Marenco says the firefighters’ main concern in Granada is the central marketplace, which he calls a “time bomb.” Part of Tuesday’s fundraising effort in the park will be to sensitize and educate the population that “public safety is a high cost which we all have to contribute a bit”.

Granada’s firefighters are a volunteer fire department that receives little funds from government institutions. They depend mostly on donations to operate, and maintain their equipment.

Other services firefighters provide include: ambulance, extinguishing arroyo fires, removal of African bee hives, flushing rain water drains, and providing water to pools and tanks when needed.

They also welcome the public to visit their facility on Calle Corrales and learn more about what they do and how to help.

For more information, Granada residents are encouraged to contact Lic. Clanroy Ellis at telephone 8928-1533 or e-mail



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