Los Aguizotes haunt the night

The last Friday of October means it’s time for “Los Agüizotes,” the spirits of the dead and traditional figures from Masaya’s indigenous legends, to dance through the streets of Masaya after nightfall.

This lively parade, part of Masaya’s three-month long patron saint festivities honoring San Jerónimo, features ghoulish homemade costumes, dangerous pyrotechnics, music and screams – all the ingredients for a fun evening.

There are two groups of Agüizotes.  The first group leaves from the indigenous neighborhood of Monimbó, while the second group leaves from Barrio Loco, near the artisans’ market. Both groups pass through the Central Park and then in front of the San Jerónimo Church, in downtown Masaya.

The festival is undeniable proof that the Masaya is the country’s most creative, artistically talented, culturally dedicated, and fun-loving city in Nicaragua.

photos by Tim Rogers

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  • john lysek

    Fantastic Photographs.! Thanks.
    Congratulations on the “Dispatch” and looking forward to open minded
    and truthful dispatches from the land of corks sink and lead floats.