Swine flu infects 62 Nicas

With 16 new cases of H1N1reported over the weekend, the total number of Nicaraguans afflicted by the recent outbreak of “swine flu” rose to 62, according to government authorities.

Of those affected by the illness – mostly women and young children – only seven people have been hospitalized and are reportedly in stable condition, according to health officials.

This year’s outbreak is nearly four times worse than last year’s, when only 17 cases of H1N1 were reported in Nicaragua. But three years of experience with the virus has taught Nicaraguan health officials to responder more effectively. In 2009, the first year the H1N1 virus was detected, a total of 2,235 cases were reported in Nicaragua, claiming 11 lives.

Government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo attributes the government’s swift reaction to “God and the model of Citizen Power.”

“We are better off now that we were in 2009, and if we continue with this model we will be able to attend (to the ill) and trust in God that we won’t have any deaths,” Murillo said.

  • Tee

    This is what happened in Mexico not to long ago. I hope they get this under control and no one dies as a result of this virus.