Welcome to The Nicaragua Dispatch


Welcome to the first edition of The Nicaragua Dispatch.

The Nicaragua Dispatch is an independent English-language news source committed to providing honest, informative and thought-provoking journalism from this fascinating and complex country. Our mission is to expand readers’ understanding of Nicaragua with original reporting, while stimulating online discussion and debate with a free exchange of opinions and ideas from those who live here and know the country best.

The site is divided into five news categories and two community and opinion categories. The news categories cover breaking news, politics, human-interest features, business & travel, and exclusive interviews with leading newsmakers. All stories, news and opinion pieces will be updated regularly throughout the week. All articles are free; there are no hidden pay walls or paid subscriptions for any of the news or information on this website.

The Nicaragua Dispatch stands for democracy and free speech, but has no partisan agenda. We will acknowledge and applaud actions that we think help the country along the path towards development and democracy, and criticize conduct that obstructs those goals. We will always try to report the news in a way that’s engaging, descriptive and honest, while framing stories in a way that provides context and a deeper understanding of what’s really going on here behind the headlines.

We also hope to take the old concept of the community newspaper and bring it into the digital age of social media and “global communities”. The site features two categories for reader-supplied “community news” and “blogs & opinion,” allowing readers from around Nicaragua and the world to connect with one another and learn what’s happening in different towns and communities across the country. The Nicaragua Dispatch is fully integrated with all major social media networks. Readers can comment on stories using their Facebook account and share articles with their friends in other social networks.

All Nicaraguans and foreigners are encouraged to participate actively and regularly on this site. We hope to tap the collective knowledge about Nicaragua through reader-submitted community news submissions, blogs, opinion pieces and comments posted at the bottom of every article.

By encouraging active reader participation, The Nicaragua Dispatch hopes to show the world (and Nicaragua itself) just how diverse, interesting and thoughtful the people in this country are – Nicaraguans and foreigners alike. Though the news here is often portrayed in black-and-white terms, Nicaragua is a very colorful place. We hope to reflect that diversity each week on the pages of The Nicaragua Dispatch.

The best way to break old stereotypes is to provide new perspectives. So The Nicaragua Dispatch is asking you, gentle reader, to be a part of the solution by lending your voice, opinions and knowledge to this project. We want The Nicaragua Dispatch to be as diverse, engaging and quirky as Nicaragua itself.

In an effort to include as many Nicaraguan voices as possible, we are also reaching out to local bloggers, decision-makers and people you’ve never heard of to contribute to the site. We are seeking participation from Nicaragua’s small but growing population of young, Internet-savvy bloggers who have unique views on their world and times. The Nicaragua Dispatch will translate Spanish-language blog submissions into English to give as many Nicaraguans as possible an opportunity to reach out to the international community and have their voices heard.

We also hope to play a role in stitching together the diverse cultures and communities that call Nicaragua home. We hope to promote a better understanding between Nicaraguans and foreigners, and better communication between expats, locals and tourists.

The site’s community pages, which will be updated as regularly as new material is submitted by readers, will provide a useful online forum to connect folks living in the various expat communities throughout the country. Expats living in San Juan del Sur can write in to let those living in the colonial cities of Granada and León know what’s going on at the beach this weekend. While foreigners living in the mountain towns of Matagalpa and Estelí can learn what expat life is like on the rural Caribbean coast, or in the congested capital city.

Generally, all views are welcome on the community and opinion pages. But slanderous, hateful and defamatory articles and comments will not be accepted – there are plenty of other places on the Internet to indulge in that behavior. Arguments published in The Nicaragua Dispatch need to be lucid and crafted around ideas and proposals, not personal attacks. Nicaragua needs more ideas, discussion and debate. And we endeavor to play a role in encouraging a new democratic culture.    

Nicaragua is a country that can startle you with its simplicities, confound you with its complexities, and baffle you with its contradictions; it can make you furious at its injustices, smile at its tenderness, and then laugh out loud at its absurdities.

If The Nicaragua Dispatch can do the same, it’ll mean we’re doing our job.

Thanks for reading,

Tim Rogers
The Nicaragua Dispatch
  • Mary Helen

    Congrats, Tim! Great first issue and looking forward to this new and refreshing online publication in English!

  • Jeffrey Van Fleet

    Congratulations, Tim. The site looks great, and I look forward to keeping up with the goings-on in Nicaragua. I wish you much success and all the best.

  • Ernst

    Congratulations! I was looking for a publication like that. Everything look fine, wish you luck and a lot of success. Hopefully, I will find a business in Nicaragua soon and will be able to advertise later.

  • Montague

    Felicidades, Tim! We really missed you when the Nica Times went away. Great work on the site and it’s nice to be able to reconnect with the news in Nicaragua in English. We’ll be reading and we’re passing you on to all our family and friends. Thanks!

  • Martin

    Really glad to see this! Thanks for all the hard work and creativity. Will there be a way for readers to send / receive news from the various Departments?

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  • http://above howard cox

    Tim Good luck with your new venture. The site looks very professional.