Will flooding affect delivery of election materials?

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) announced today that all the ballots for the Nov. 6 general elections have been printed and are now being packed for delivery to 12,960 voting stations across the country.

“We are ready, logistically speaking, for the distribution of the electoral packages. We have 48 hours to pack them,” said magistrate José Luis Villavicencio in a CSE press release.

Each voting station will receive two packages each containing ballots, official paperwork for the opening and closing of the polling, official documents for filing complaints or annulment requests (one for each party), the document to report official results from each voting table, documents to report precise voting results, and the official list of voters.

The electoral kits will also contain bracelets to identify poll workers and indelible ink to stain the thumbs of those who have voted, according to the CSE report.

The electoral packages will start to be delivered on Friday.

The electoral council has not explained how the past two weeks of consistent rains, which have damaged or destroyed more than 1,000 kilometers of roads and half a dozen bridges, isolating entire communities from the rest of the country and forcing tens of thousands of people into temporary shelters, will affect the delivery of electoral material or the elections themselves.

Villavicencio says the CSE has no plans to change any of the voting stations as a result of flooding.


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