CSE accuses PLI of creating “terror and chaos”

(published Nov. 10, 9:25 p.m.) – The Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) is not allowing the widespread national and international criticism of its handling of last Sunday’s elections put it on the defensive.

Evidence? The PLI circulated photos today allegedly taken of electoral material they found dumped along the side of the highway at KM 96 in Ciudad Dario, on the road to Matagalpa. The PLI presented the pictures as evidence of fraud, although they did not say if the boxes were found with ballots in them.

Instead, the embattled CSE came out swinging again today, criticizing the Independent Constitutional Party (PLI) of carrying out a violent “plan of terror and  chaos” and trying to confuse the country with “falsified ballots” and “fabricated tallies” as part of their strategy to “boycott the elections.”

“We repeat to the citizens that the only official electoral results are the ones given by the CSE, as established by the Constitution and the Electoral Law,” said the CSE, in a desperate-sounding statement released Thursday evening.

CSE President Roberto Rivas, meanwhile, went on CNN en Español Thursday afternoon to defend his performance in last weekend’s elections. He lashed out at the EU’s electoral observation mission, saying: “The European Union is not the word of God.”

Following the CNN interview, the Liberal Constitutional Party (PLC) came out with its strongest-worded press release so far, calling Rivas a “lying” and “illegitimate” magistrate who “stole the elections” and now has “no arguments left.”

The PLC today announced it is preparing a white paper detailing all the instances of fraud that took place in Sunday’s poll.


  • tar

    last night an angry mob of opp protesters was on there way to burn down Rivas s house off of carret masaya. they were cut off by 100 police. this according to a source in the fire dept.