Dec. 3 protest march will test Gadea’s leadership

80,000 expected for march against electoral fraud

(posted Nov. 24, 11:45 a.m.) – Former presidential candidate Fabio Gadea’s opposition leadership will be put to test Dec. 3 in a nationwide march in Managua against election fraud.

Gadea’s political movement is mobilizing 1,800 buses in an effort to bring tens of thousands of supporters to Managua to march under the banner “Against Electoral Fraud and for Free Elections.”

“We are expecting between 70,000 and 80,000 people on the day of the march,” Eliseo Núñez, Gadea’s former campaign boss, told The Nicaragua Dispatch.

The march, expected to start at 3 p.m. on Dec. 3, will be the first massive mobilization of the opposition since the Nov. 6 general elections. Gadea still refuses to recognize the elections or President Daniel Ortega’s victory.

In addition to testing Gadea’s political leadership, the march will also test the ruling party’s tolerance. The National Police have not yet said whether they will allow the march.

The Sandinistas, as usual, are expected to convoke a countermarch or attempt to block the nationwide mobilization with roadblocks—a tactic they have employed in past weeks.

Either way, getting around Nicaragua on Dec. 3 will most likely be difficult if not impossible.

  • Rita Lugo

    And still, even after such a fraudulent so called “election” the Ortega Murillos are afraid of the Nicaraguan people as they organize counter marches the very same day and at the very same place. More than enough proof they are a minority in Nicaragua and they know most people abhor them.

  • Karl Heinz Kaufmann

    And even “they are a minority” has to be questionned, because who are they or how did they build up this big minority? By pressure at the working place, by illegal propaganda, by taking over many media to manipulate an intentionally not educated people, and makig use of all that to awake the worst attitudes of people, like opportunism, greed, envy, violence, blindness – and this beggar mentality which let’s people be “happy” when R.Murillo distributes gifts and bonos, like Baby Doc’s wife did in the slums of Haiti, when she drove around on Saturdays throwing coins to the multitude. Like most beggars they lost all dignity, waiting like dogs at the table for some “migajas”, instead of insisting in development, justice, dignity.

  • Rita Lugo

    Right on the money Karl, we are still thing in decent term as for an honest minority when what they have is a mob, nothing more. Get the book Demonic!

  • Rita Lugo

    Right on the money Karl, we are still thing in decent term as for an honest minority when what they have is a mob, nothing more. Get the book Demonic by Ann Coulter

  • Rita Lugo

    Tanto escándalo contra Cristóbal Colón para terminar colonizados por Cuba y China. De república a satrapía.

  • sayayuca

    This is so predictable that it’s not even funny. If they put together 50,000 from all over the country, La Prensa, El Nuevo Diario, La Corporacion an all the others of their same kind, will see hundreds of thousands. If they can’t even do that and have another poor showing, then there comes the old and well known argument, the evil sandinistas boicoted them, put roadblocks, beated them up, and the police did nothing. More of the same old story………with an imagination like this is easy to see why they can’t win an election.

  • http://yihaaa Ronald Reagan

    My diamond crystal ball sees the future:

    It is going to be a media spectacle! PLI banners with fraud, no to dictatorship, long live freedom just to mention a few.

    As sports hooligans tend to do its going to be a tit for tat. The Chinese call it Ping Pong… What ever one team says it will be pulled out of context by the other. (Un)fortunately, Nicaragua considers politics almost like a sport. On one side it is motivating to see people involved in politics unlike first world countries where we are happy when a handful of citizens vote. No questions asked!

    But with so many people involved at any demonstration and with potential provocations can lead to great Kodak moments ( am I revealing my age…?) and sound bites. In some places it might turn ugly. So the sharks are going to look for those moments and some will fuel it.

    Just as in sport in is not the teams fault for having misbehaved hooligans. Spare me the comment….This is valid on both sides!

    What I expect the mass media to do during this march is quite simple: Filter the news and obstruct all undesirable elements from finding their way into your living room…or your mind.

    So FOX will claim that they believe that the 80,000 pro-Gadea people are actually 250,000 and Nicaragua’s dictatorship is a treath to the mother of all Euphemism “US national security”. He might be a son of gun but he is our son of gun….oh he isn’t…call Air America and just liberate (aka bom) them. With taxes payers money and then we (corporate America..Halliburton…) can get paid to reconstruct it. Yes peeps it’s that simple. Ok, yes I am slightly exaggerating but same concept and historically factual. Back to the point, NicaraguaDispatch will try to write both sides of the story but will still use keywords and write in a context that is beneficial to the USEmbassy (aka Gadea camp) and that their sponsors will approve. If not they will pull out the money source. I understand…No business wants to commit suicide but please try to apply the same standards on both groups

    I urge that journalistic objective is applied during this event. I actually invite all academics/interested souls to measure this objectivity or lack of it. Let this event show the maturity of journalism. Let it report the news fairly, completely and without bias. Something that is hard to find on our blue little precious and diverse planet.

  • Daniel Ortega

    Ahhh….the sweet, sweet sound of incoherent mumbo-jumbo. A fatherly pride stirs inside me.

  • http://sweetchildomine Sweet child o mine

    ROFL! Only 5000 people showed up at the protest.