Leaked FSLN memo: prepare to defend the vote

A leaked internal memorandum circulated yesterday to Sandinista leaders in Masaya—and presumably other departments— instructs local party structures to mobilize all supporters, stay sober, and prepare to defend Daniel Ortega’s victory in the streets on Sunday.

The alleged memorandum, titled “Final Orientations to Guarantee the 2011 Electoral Victory of Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra and the Alliance Nicaragua United Triumphs,” instructs Sandinista party leaders in Masaya to implement the “Mobilization Plan to guarantee the vote in every neighborhood on ‘D’ day.” The memo informs local party leaders how to organize “working groups” of “party militants and members of the Sandinista Youth.”

The memo, which was leaked to The Nicaragua Dispatch, also alludes to coordinating actions and information with “our friends.” Point 5 of the alleged memo instructs local Sandinista political bosses to “attend” to “the friends” and make sure to “give them the necessary information and coordinate actions.”

Stay Sober: FSLN memo urges party leaders to keep voters sober and calm (photo/ Tim Rogers)

The memo stresses the importance of discipline on election day, and instructs Sandinistas to refrain from celebrating victory until receiving orders from central command.

“Persuade them to not fall asleep, drink liquor, or get involved in inappropriate situations that impede their punctuality or presence at the voting stations,” the memo reads.

The memo calls for a calm execution of the vote, but instructs Sandinista supporters to remain on standby to defend the vote in the street if need be.

“We have to guarantee that in this last stage of the elections the process of voting occurs calmly and with respect, because our adversaries plan to destabilize (the process),” the memo reads.

As a final point, the memo adds, “We need to be prepared to mobilize in the streets in the event of any extraordinary circumstance or if instructed to do so by the national campaign chief,” first lady Rosario Murillo.  

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