Opposition files challenges to election results

PLI: CSE is hiding polling information from the voters

(published Nov. 15, 10:58 a.m.) – The opposition Independent Liberal Party (PLI) and the Liberal Constitutional Party (PLC) have filed official challenges to the election results before the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE).

The PLI, headed by former presidential candidate Fabio Gadea, who finished runner-up to Daniel Ortega, is challenging the results of the presidential elections. The PLC, meanwhile, is only challenging the results of the legislative vote.

“Our challenge says we don’t recognize the results of the presidential election because they violated the Constitution,” PLI campaign chief Eliseo Núñez told The Nicaragua Dispatch.

Núñez said the PLI is demanding that the CSE respect the electoral code by publishing the complete results of the elections, on a poll by poll basis, as the law requires. So far the CSE has only published a final vote tally and percentages, but has not released any details about the individual results from the more than 12,000 voting stations across the country.

As a result, Núñez says, it’s difficult for the PLI (which has their own copies of all the voting-poll results) to conduct any meaningful audit of the electoral process.

“We have no parameters for comparison,” he said.

Núñez accuses the CSE of withholding information to purposely obscure the results and hide the electoral breadcrumbs.

“They’re stalling to buy time,” he said.

The PLI and PLC’s challenges were filed Tuesday afternoon. The CSE has five days to respond.


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