Rivas: Nothing is going to change here

CSE: Ortega wins with 62%, followed by Gadea's 31%

(published Nov. 11, 6:58 p.m.)- Roberto Rivas, president of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), read the final electoral results based on 100 percent of the ballots tallied and called for calm, saying “Nothing is going to change here.”

“This is what the people voted for, and it will be respected,” Rivas said Friday afternoon, while lamenting the bouts of post-election violence of the past few days.

According to the final tally published on the CSE’s webpage, President Daniel Ortega won the elections with 62.45 percent of the vote (1,566,916 votes), followed by Fabio Gadea, who won 31 percent (779,325 votes). Former President Arnoldo Alemán finished in third with 5.91 percent of the vote (148,334) and Enrique Quiñonez and Roger Guevara each got less that .5 percent.

So far, only Ortega recognizes the results. But Rivas insists they are final and will be made official upon publication in the official daily newspaper La Gaceta on Monday morning.

Rivas said that once the final results are published Monday morning, the participating political parties and alliances will have 72 hours to challenge the numbers. Three of the five parties have already questioned the results and are expected to file challenges.

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