Obama taps Powers for Managua

(posted Dec. 5, 10:30 p.m.) – After Republican lawmakers blocked U.S. President Barack Obama’s first nominee for ambassador to Nicaragua, the president has shuffled his Central American nominations and named the sitting U.S. Ambassador to Panama, Phyllis Powers, as his next pick for the job in Managua.

Phyllis Powers

Powers, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, has previously served in Iraq, Peru and Colombia, where she was Director of the Narcotics Affairs as part of the Plan Colombia.

According to her State Department bio, Powers also served an earlier post in Washington as Senior Post Management Officer for the Bureau of Near East Asia and South Asia, with oversight responsibility for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Persian Gulf countries and as Deputy Director of the Office of Travel Support in the Bureau of Administration. 

Her diplomatic career also includes tours in Jordan, Russia, and Poland.

State Department sources tell The Nicaragua Dispatch that Powers’ nomination as ambassador to Nicaragua is not expected to have any delays getting approved by Congress.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Farrar—Obama’s first pick as ambassador to Nicaragua—has been re-nominated to the post in Panama.

  • Pedro Arauz

    A few Nicas are wondering about the Obama strategy in Nicaragus. They argue why should the Nicas help Obama halting the drug trade when Obama is not helping the democracy trade in Nicaragua allowing Ortega (and financing) to destroy their democracy. Wouldn’t be better for the opposition forces to strike an agreement with the drug cartels? They could use Nicaragua as a corridor for drugs in exchange for taking out Ortega and a few of his gangsters.
    If the Americans are not able to stop the “speaking teleprompter” in DC you will have it coming…

  • http://playaroca.com PRD

    What’s the think that if Farrar isn’t right for Nicaragua (what kept him out?), then he’s right for Panama? Looks like a Swap meet for Ambassadors. He must have done something and was “promised” a Ambassadorship in return.
    I’m sure her tour in Japan, Russia and the Mid-East will do wonders for Nicaragua. She speaks twelve languages but not Spanish. Career politicians, what a group.

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