Ortega laments death of ‘dear leader’

Sandinista gov’t hopes for continued progress, peace and prosperity for people of North Korea

(posted Dec. 19, 10:40 p.m.)- First Lady and government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo today expressed Nicaragua’s condolences for the death of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il.

Murillo said “the people of Nicaragua and the Government of Nicaragua” feel North Korea’s pain. Speaking by phone to Sandinista Chanel 4 TV, Murillo said President Daniel Ortega also sent his “profound condolences for death of dear leader Kim Jong-Il.”

Murillo said she hopes North Korea will continue its “process of constructing more peace and more prosperity for all the families of that country.”

North Korea was one of a dozen countries that congratulated Ortega on his Nov. 6 reelection, and Nicaragua is one of only a handful to express condolences for Kim Jong Il’s death.

  • rick

    wife of an incestuos pedophile offering condolenses to a freak …. insane

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  • Ken

    OMG, unless this is taken out of context (which I’m afraid it may not be) this is the Ortega-Murillo regime at its absolute worst. I understood the support for Libya, however strained that was, but no sentient person can support North Korea. With any luck, this may be an instance in which Daniel just let Rosario babble. I hope so, because as this reads, it is awful.

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  • JH

    How about lamenting the death of Hitler too. Why not? Isn’t it the same? JH

  • car

    you people just don’t get it. these morons are “pro” anyone or any system that is anti-US, in any manner. well, at least on the outside. on the inside they are too busy enriching themselves with stolen money. ask yourselves this: do koreans even care about condolences from these piss-ants?

  • Dina F

    Hes is next!