Sandinista leader murdered in RAAN

(posted Dec.7, 4:39 p.m.) – An anti-Sandinista group calling itself the “Democratic Coastal Front 380” gunned down a local Sandinista leader in the rural community of Luku Paraska, 60 kilometers from Mulukukú in Nicarraguan’s North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), according to El Nuevo Diario.

Eight men reportedly wearing rebel uniforms and carrying AK-47 assault rifles dragged Sandinista political secretary Carlos Alí García out of his home in the early morning hours of Monday and shot him 11 times.

The armed group then spray-painted García’s house with the messages: “God, Country, Democracy and Liberty or Death” and “This is the result of stolen elections.”

García is the second local Sandinista leader to be killed in the Mining Triangle. Prior to the elections, José Aristeo Martínez, leader of a local Council of Citizen Power (CPC) was gunned down in the community of San Antonio de Okonwás, in Rosita.

Police spokesman Fernando Borge told El Nuevo Diario that police are coordinating with the army to investigate Monday’s assassination. Both the police and the army deny that there are armed rebel groups in the country. They blame the murders on gangs dedicated to common crime.

  • Pedro Arauz

    In as much as the “Ortega-Murillo” phenomena was to be expected in Nicaragua also this reaction from an insurgency was even more a consequence to be expected. Somebody should but won’t remind Ortega of this, also something to be expected. Nothing new under the sun…

  • Tico Jones

    Here we go again!! The historical illegal re-election’s fruit!

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