Capture order issued for Padilla

(posted Jan. 31, 9:30 a.m.)-The Boston Red Sox’s newest pitching-staff acquisition, Vicente Padilla, won’t be reporting to Spring Training in Florida until he clears up his legal problems in Nicaragua.

On  Jan. 30, Managua’s  Second Penal Court clipped Padilla’s passport and issued a capture order for his arrest after he failed to appear for a second court date to face accusations that he’s neglecting child support obligations, according to the daily La Prensa.

Padilla, whose largest contract was a $33-million, three-year deal signed with Texas in 2006, is being accused of failing to pay $540 a month in child support for his 10th kid, who is three years old.

Padilla recently signed a $1.5 million minor league contract with the Red Sox.


  • Donna Tabor

    10th kid! That’s a misprint. Right?

  • gotothebeach

    Is this for fact that this is HIS kid? Even if there was a problem, that amount of money to keep him from starting spring training is rediculous. Something else has to be in the works, he hasn’t even made the squad yet, and missing the start of pitchers showing up does not bode well considering his past issues.

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  • Rachel

    I doubt that “10th kid” is a misprint; this would not surprise me at all in a country where machismo reigns supreme. “Real” men don’t use birth control, and “admiring” women don’t demand it. Owing $540 per month in child support absolutely should keep him from spring training; $540 is a LOT of money to a Nicaraguan woman — at least 4-5 months’ income for a typical Nicaraguan who works outside the home. For Padilla, that’s nothing. Keep him home until he pays.