CCJ orders stop to Tico highway

Costa Rica says who cares?

(posted Jan. 18, 6:15 am) – Costa Rica is rejecting a resolution passed yesterday by the Central American Court of Justice demanding that country halt construction on a 160-KM border highway that parallels the Nicaragua’s Rio San Juan on the Tico side of the river.

The Managua-based court ordered Costa Rica to halt highway construction in response to a complaint filed by Nicaraguan environmentalists who claim the road project is causing irreparable harm to the river and the surrounding flora and fauna.

The Court’s order is for Costa Rica cease construction immediately while the cause is resolved.

Costa Rica, however, does not recognize the Central American Court nor its rulings.

Costa Rica says the highway is needed to shore up its borders for national defense purposes.

  • de Las Sombras

    Morning Tim….. because we know you love your words and trun of phrase….. ;~)
    SHORE up

    VERB: support, strengthen, reinforce, prop, brace, underpin, augment, buttress: They may find it hard to shore up their defences.

    Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

    • de Las Sombras

      opps…. turn of phrase… LOL

  • Fred

    Since Costa Rica has never ratified and agreement dealing with the establishment of this court and therefor has no representation on the court it’s hardly surprising they don’t recognize it’s jurisdiction. In fact it has no jurisdiction except over those states who have ratified it’s establishment and have Judges appointed to it. I’m kind of surprised no one has ever gone to them over Nicaragua’s disregard of an existing constitution and jiggery pooky going on. Yes individuals of those ratifying states can go to them for judgement. Mind you getting the Court to agree to hear their grievance is another thing entirely.