FSLN chairs 11 of 15 commissions

(posted Jan. 19, 10:00 p.m.)- The Sandinista Front, in addition to controlling the National Assembly’s legislative directorate for the next two years, will also chair 11 of 15 congressional commissions.

The Sandinistas will control the commissions on economy and budget, foreign affairs, health, culture and sports, infrastructure and public works, judicial affairs, modernization, peace and defense, and municipal development.

The opposition Independent Liberal Party (PLI)—a minority bloc that excluded itself from the legislative directorate—was given the chairman’s seat in the remaining four commissions that the Sandinistas are apparently less interested in controlling: tourism, labor issues, environment and natural resources, and transparency and propriety.

Sandinista veteran congressman Edwin Castro told government media that the distribution of the legislative commissions represents “the proportionality established by law.”





  • GringoLoco

    The AN takes its orders from Reparto El Carmen. In short, doesn’t really matter what the AN does or doesn’t do — Mico Mandante and La Chamuca rule by fiat and decree…

    • Pedro Arauz

      Actually as my gardener says” de Miraflores y de un negroide trompudo hinchado con el culo podrido” who is actually as per today’s report dying soon.