Help free Granada’s fire truck from customs

Granada's volunteer firefighters need $400 to liberate a donated fire truck from the grips of aduanas

Granada’s Volunteer Firefighters, the Benemerito Cuerpo de Bomberos, have a new fire truck.

Well, almost.

A used, 1986 fire truck donated to Granada’s firefighters by their counterparts in White Horse, Yukon, Canada, is sitting in Nicaraguan customs warehouse in Puerto Corinto, waiting for someone to pay the $500 administrative fee get the truck out and bring it to Granada.

Since Granada’s fire department is a cash-strapped, volunteer operation, they don’t have the budget to pay customs for their truck. So they are asking residents of Granada for help.

One hundred dollars has already been pledged, but firefighters are still trying to raise the additional $400.

Any readers of The Nicaragua Dispatch interested in helping firefighters improve the safety of our fair city of Granada, please contact Keith Knight at (505) 8871-1367, or email

  • PRD

    How long has it been sitting? Won’t White Horse, who donated it, help get it into use?
    Seems like there are a lot of 3-5* hotels that wouldn’t mind a little help with a fire if it broke out, $5-10 US per hotel could handle that couldn’t it? Restaurants, Bars? $1 per establishment that could use fire services wouldn’t kill anyone.
    What are the volunteers doing to get that dough? 5 guys standing there, 2 hours, go!

    • K

      My thinking is Whitehorse has done enough, what do you want them to do, finance the city of Granada also?
      I agree with you about the hotels, etc, and will take it up with the Benemerito Bomberos, good thinking on your part!
      So far the only ones to step up to the plate and donate are 3 former US Marines and 1 US Navy veteran given the low amount of property taxes we pay here in the lovely city of Granada, I would have thought the residents and property owners here would be happy to give a helping hand.

  • greg kane

    i know of 2 guys who could handle this sitch…el guapo and el feo…they know who they are…. i challlenge them to get er done!!!…and they know which is which….see you soon keith!!

  • K

    We helped ‘get er done’. The response out of 400 readers was 4 people offering to help, one visitor by word of mouth and one who was in the ‘know’. When it was obvious that the article was not going to pull enough good samaratans, (thanx to the good thinking of PRD) the Benemerito Fire Department was advised, and it was suggested they put on their uniforms, write a letter of request for donations and present it to local businesses along with a photo of the truck. They raised $350 in two or three days. The money donated by the six persons mentioned was averaged out to around $25 per person (for the last $150 needed) and monies over $25 was returned to the more generous donors. The truck will arrive in Granada around the 10th of Februrary. All are invited to the Benemerito Fire Station to see the new truck and the deplorable conditon of the ‘aged’ equipment, and chat with the Volunteer Firemen. Also, it went well getting them (the Firemen) to stand on their own two feet, and not depending on ‘us’ so much. They receive little or no governmental funding, and are strictly volunteer, they rely on donations and running a parking lot at their facility, we should all be proud of them (even tho at times they appear inefficient (mostly due to lack of equiptment and maintainence), we may need them some day!

  • Frank Driscoll

    Great work fire fighters. Keep safe in your work.

  • K

    The truck still isn’t in Granada yet, seems there was a ‘paperwork’ glitch
    in Chinandega or ?. The firemen are working on it.