INCAE’s MBA ranks 76 in world

(posted Jan. 30, 8:00 p.m.)- The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Central America’s prestigious INCAE business school moved up one notch to No. 76 in the world ranking, according to the new global index of the Top 100 MBA problems published today in Financial Times.

With that ranking, INCAE’s MBA program is considered the second-best in Latin America, behind Brazil’s Coppead, which ranks 51. INCAE finished ahead of Mexico’s Ipade, which came in at 84 on the list of Top 100.

The top five business programs in the world are, in order, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania Wharton, London Business School and Columbia Business School.

INCAE, which has campuses in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, beat out the Top 3 schools when it comes to value of education, finishing 23 in the world (Stanford, Harvard and UPenn ranked 88, 90 and 98, respectively). INCAE also ranked near the Top 10 in the category of career placement, finishing 12.

The international ranking also noted the strong international character of INCAE, ranking the MBA program 16 in the world for its international experience.

“We are proud to be recognized for another year as one of the best MBA programs in the world,” INCAE rector Arturo Condo said in a release. “The recognition from a publication as internationally prestigious as the Financial Times is important for us because it reaffirms our position not only as the best business school in the region, but also the best business school with a global perspective for Latin America.”

“Latin America is being called upon to have a world leadership role in the coming decades,” he added. “The traditional MBA programs are not producing the leaders that we need for the future, so we promise to continue at the vanguard of innovation to help shape the leaders for the region.”

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