ND readers respond to Bobby’s story

Bobby’s story touched more hearts than we at Casa Lupita ever could have imagined.

The story of the dog with paralyzed hind legs may not have exactly gone viral, but it was contagious enough to have an impact on the thousands of Nicaragua Dispatch readers who learned of his triumph over injury.

Bobby and Nestor

The day that Bobby’s smiling face was splashed across the front page of Nicaragua Dispatch, as he proudly showed off his new set of wheels, Dr. Cathy King, director of the World Vet Organization in the U.S., reposted the article to her Facebook account. By the end of the day, she had already received a message from North Florida Neurology in Jacksonville, Florida, offering Bobby further medical evaluation and possibly spinal stabilization to repair his damaged vertebrae.

That was cause for a few celebratory rounds of Nicaragua’s famous Flor de Caña rum. But before we finished toasting to Bobby, another email arrived from reader Jill Murray, a veterinary technician at Oklahoma State University, inquiring about the possibility of adopting Bobby and giving him a permanent home.

Bobby would be good company since Jill already has three other adopted dogs—all with physical challenges.

We at Casa Lupita Animal Clinic graciously accept both offers on Bobby’s behalf. Now the search is on to find help to transport Bobby from Managua to Florida.

While all of the Bobby fans are overjoyed at the possibility of Bobby walking on all fours again, he continues to parade daily through Calle Libertad with his best buddy Nestor.

Bobby has no idea that things are about to get even better for him.

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