Protest march Jan. 9

(posted Jan. 4, 8:23 a.m.)- Leaders of various youth activist movements are convoking another protest march on Jan. 9—one day before President Daniel Ortega’s inauguration—to denounce opposition lawmakers for “legitimizing the election fraud.”

The youth organizations, marching under the banner of “Los Encachimbados” (the angry ones) are protesting against the 28 minority lawmakers from the Independent Liberal Party (PLI) who were elected in the Nov. 6 general elections, in which the Sandinistas took the supermajority in the National Assembly with 63 seats.

Protest organizers claim the PLI lawmakers are legitimizing the electoral fraud by taking their seats in the new congress.

“We are going to protest because we are pissed off at the these traitor sell-out vultures of democracy and we protest against the dictatorship because we are pissed at everything this illegal government is doing. And on the 9th we are going to demonstrate this to Ortega and his new allies and we are not going to leave them in peace,” a group called “rebellious youth” posted on Facebook.

The protest march is scheduled from 9-12 p.m. form the former Cine Gonzales to the National Assembly.

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