Sandinistas have sent 3,600 youths to Rio San Juan

(posted Jan. 30, 3:30 p.m.)-Over the course of the past year, the government of Nicaragua has sent 3,600 Sandinista Youth (JS) to the southern border to occupy a spit of disputed territory and plant trees along the banks the Río San Juan, according to Sandinista Youth activist Bosco Castillo.

“We are satisfied to say that 3,600 youth have gone to the banks of the Río San Juan to rescue this natural and national patrimony that belongs to all Nicaraguans,” said Castillo, who was made president of the Nicaraguan Institute of Youth shortly after leading a Sandinista mob in attacking the U.S. Embassy in Oct. 2009.

Castillo’s comments, which came during a Jan. 27 Sandinista Youth rally with President Daniel Ortega, confirm allegations made last November by Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo.

 “We understand that the Sandinista Youth are occupying the land on a permanent and rotating basis,” Castillo told The Nicaragua Dispatch in a phone interview Nov. 18. “A group will remain there for a week or two, before being relieved by another group of Sandinista Youth. Nicaragua is openly violating The Hague’s ruling.”

Costa Rica claims the Sandinista Youth’s environmental loitering is a “flagrant violation” of the World Court order from March 2011 calling on both countries to withdraw from the contested frontier swampland claimed by both countries.

Nicaragua, however, insists there’s no reason to withdraw from its own territory.

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