Nicaragua defends Syria at UN

(posted Feb. 15, 7:10 a.m.)- The Nicaraguan government is demanding that the world stop picking on Syria.

Nicaragua’s Ambassador to the UN María Rubiales yesterday called for an end to the “aggression and foreign manipulation” against the government of Syria.

Rubiales told the UN that it’s no secret that some countries are interested in invading Syria for regime change.

“It’s not a secret for anyone that the countries of NATO and its allies, some of them of are allegedly already on the ground in Syria arming rebel groups and cause the tragedy that the Syrian people are living,” the Nicaraguan ambassador said.

She called on the UN to advocate for peace in Syria.

Syria was one of the few countries to congratulate President Daniel Ortega on his reelection last November.

“I have the great pleasure of extending to you, in the name of the Arab people of Syria and myself, our congratulations for your successful and distinguished reelection to the presidency,” wrote Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.