Oracle Nights

a poem

There was a blue calm that evening,

As if manifested by berry fields inMaine

Where the sudden stirring of leaves is all you hear

And know that with each unsaid whisper

Your life harshly slips away –

And there is nothing you can do to save it

Because your conviction is unshared;

Nothing you can say

Because redemption is deaf tonight;

Nothing you can think because reason’s out of order;

It was all your fault,

Now you’re stuck between your desire and your next step,

Uncertain as it might seem,

Not as certain as it had been;

All you can do is intensely feel despite the corporal numbness.


I had to arrest my breath in order to forget you,

So I can finally unlearn my thoughts

And re-learn the necessary steps

To absolve me from the spell of your existence.

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder;

In this particular case,

It becomes the healing factor to your memory.


Adolfo Jose Beteta Garcia was born in Managua in 1977, but left Nicaragua in 1985 and moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, where he awakened his poetic gene. When he was 22, he returned to Nicaragua and started working at the Red Cross before moving on to teach American and British Literature in St. Teresa’s Academy. He has written unpublished books of poems: “Autumn Whispers”, “Isis in Bloom” and “Divine Consequences”. 


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