Poll suggests economy is improving

CID-Gallup poll highlights Nicaragua’s position as safest country in Central America

(posted Feb. 7, 9:20 a.m.)- More than seven out of 10 Nicaraguans (73%) say job creation should be the priority of President Daniel Ortega’s administration this year, followed by 9% of the population that says citizen security should be the priority, according to a CID-Gallup poll published today in El Nuevo Diario.

The polling numbers for Nicaragua show inverted results from other Central American countries, where citizen security usually ranks as the top priority.

“Nicaragua is distinguished in Central America as the country where the most citizen security and the least incidence of crime,” according to CID-Gallup’s analysis.

Nicaragua se distingue en todo Centroamérica por ser el país donde hay mayor seguridad ciudadana, es decir, por tener menor incidencia de criminalidad”, refiere la encuesta CID-Gallup.

The poll, which survived 1,200 voting-age Nicaraguans between Jan. 18-25, found that the top concern of Nicaraguans (31%) is making enough money to cover basic needs, followed by concerns about unemployment, 28%. However, the poll shows that both those numbers have dropped slightly from 2011, down from 35% and 33%, respectively, suggesting a slight improvement in the economic situation of some households.

The overall concern over unemployment is also down to 33% from 56% last year.


  • Pedro Arauz

    All part of the Venezuela promoted “happy socialism” to cover up their failures. You should walk along the popular markets in Managua or the waiting line at hospitals, consulates to see why Nicaragua is considered next to Haiti the poorest Country in America.
    Lesson to be drawn here is why the Ortegas are trying to promote such lies, usually it’s because the opposite is true.

    As to the economy: study the numbers to realize that is spite of better international prices the actual volumes have decreased. Wait for int’l prices to fall as they will to see the real thing.
    No person in his right mind (knowing the true Nica reality) and with honest money created thru hard work would be stupid enough to re invest in Nicaragua. Only flight by night operators and un aware tourists would invest here, happened before. Just like with Vesco a few years back, they are still trying to collect their monies…