Rumors swirl over Central Bank shakeup

(posted Feb. 12, 12:15 p.m.)- The job status of Central Bank president Antenor Rosales is apparently on shaky ground. The opposition daily La Prensa is reporting rumors of his resignation and El Nuevo Diario notes that Rosales’ name did not appear on President Daniel Ortega’s official list of ratified Cabinet appointments published Feb. 6.

The rumors about Rosales’ future as head of the Central Bank started late last week, following President Ortega’s announcement that Nicaragua was going to designate $17 million of its international reserves to help finance the startup Bank of ALBA, or BALBA.

The following day, Rosales said that only the Central Bank can make decisions about the use of international reserves, and they can’t be use at “the whim of anyone.”

Rosales’ words were interpreted by the press as a direct challenge to Ortega. And now that challenge is rumored to affecting Rosales’ job security.

Neither of the daily newspapers have been able to contact Rosales on his cell phone for the past 24 hours.

Rosales is considered a key figure in the Ortega administration’s successful macroeconomic management of the economy and negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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