U.S. Embassy concerned over property rights

(posted Feb. 17, 1:20 p.m.)- The Embassy this afternoon issued a statement to The Nicaragua Dispatch saying it “remains concerned over respect for private property rights in Nicaragua.”

Although there are no U.S. citizen claimants involved in the recent land dispute at Punta Teonoste, the private sector is worried that U.S. concerns over property rights could affect the extension of this year’s waiver. Due to past confiscations of U.S. citizen properties in Nicaragua, the U.S. government must extend a waiver each year for the Nicaraguan government to be eligible to receive continued U.S. aid. The waiver is usually voted on in July.

Nicaragua’s private sector has expressed concern that the allegations of confiscations—along with Republican calls for action against the government of President Daniel Ortega—could put the waiver at risk this year, at a time when other European countries are already pulling valuable bilateral aid to Nicaragua.

“Respect for private property rights is a fundamental requirement for investment, economic development, and prosperity – goals shared by both the Nicaraguan and United States governments,” the U.S. Embassy said in its statement.

  • Rob

    Here we go again. These people Sandinistas Orteguistas are a bunch of degenerates, theives!

  • Pedro Arauz

    Me inmagino que a estas alturas ya habran realizado que los Ortega Murillos no tinen ni la mas **** idea de lo que estan haciendo y de que el tan mentado “poder” que tienen es aparente unicamente? El poder antecede, es creativo y tiene sentido y coherencia pero sobre todo acarrea una meta. Poder lo tenian los Somozas, Los Duvalier, Los Trujillos, Franco,Pinochet. Pero este par de monigotes del Carmen cantando cancioncitas pase son en verdad, de hecho, una autentica payasada sin sentido. Si aun no lo puedes ver es por que por eso se te encaramaron pero como me dice mi jardinero los Nicas no son pendejos y estan despertando desde la cepa. Eosos aparentemente infimos detalles con el dedazo y las caponeras son en realidad enormes y esos si que llevan poder, fuerza y destino

  • f.w. belland

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water……
    The country was doing so well- now a small minded act of selfishness
    will send needed invetors running. It’s sad for everyone.

  • rick

    fool me once, shame on you
    fool me twice ……..

  • Louis

    The recent events of disrespect of property rights, in Nicaragua changed my entire outlook of ever wanting to build a retirement home there. Also, why is there an American still locked up in prison on bogus drug charges? I ‘m not recommending friends and relatives to ever consider this outlaw country. I am selling my Nica property and looking forward to invest in a more stable Panama country.

    • Flex

      For Louis; You may be right, but what make you think that Panama is any better ?? The same things that you are complaining happens in Panama or Costa Rica (no place to run, body !!)

    • sayayuca

      This outlaw country gladly open his doors for you to LEAVE. Go to Panama and stay there.

  • econica

    Louis – you may also ask why hundreds of thousands of Afro-Americans and Latinos are locked up on false drug charges in the US

  • Nero

    Hang in there Louis, land disputes have and will be a problem here for a while. These arent the same Sandinistas as yesteryear. They arent the revolutionaries and rebels that fought for freedom. These days its all about money and power. They are all a bunch of sell outs, capitalism is the name of the game and they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot.

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