15% bus-fare hike starts Saturday

(posted March 15, 11:15 a.m.)- Starting Saturday, March 17, it’s going to cost 15% more to get crammed into an over-crowed and recklessly driven bus with someone’s crotch in your face and no airflow because the woman in front of you won’t open the window because, understandably, she doesn’t want to arrive to work with windblown hair after already having had to wait in line for 20 minutes for the bus and then push and jostle her way aboard to fight for a seat for the hour-long drive to Managua that should take 45 minutes if the bus driver didn’t stop every 70 feet to try to convince more people to get onto an already dangerously over-stuffed bus that supposedly  offers “express” service but doesn’t.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) announced the fare increase will apply to 1,500 bus routes.

The increase in fares, which is expensive by users’ standards yet insufficient to meet the rising cost of gas prices, will allegedly lead to better transpiration service, the MTI says expectantly.

Despite improved roads and new busses, transportation service has not improved in recent years.

The new busses only tempt bus drivers to try to squeeze more people onboard, and the improved roads allow the drivers to zoom down stretches of the highway at reckless speeds to spend more time dawdling and trolling for passengers through populated areas. Meanwhile, passengers suffer silently while listening to Boney M’s “Rivers of Babylon” on the radio.

  • http://www.duallservices.com DannyZippers

    Your opening paragraph captures the Nica bus-riding experience perfectly. It’s a harrowing, demoralizing experience.

  • Daniel Ortega

    123 word sentence (counting hyphenated words as 2), very impressive indeed.

  • terrance rogan

    thanks for the laugh Tim