Bobby’s American dream on standby

Bobby needs help from his friends to make it to the U.S. for neurosurgery and adoption

You’ve seen Bobby proudly semi-trotting down Calle Libertad with his wheel cart strapped to his tan body. He’s the dog with paralyzed back legs and either doesn’t know it or doesn’t care.

Bobby has better things to ponder these days. Like what it will be like when he reaches Florida, for his neurosurgery that, with luck and a prayer, could restore the use of his wayward legs.

And there’s the woman who will adopt him, regardless of the surgery’s outcome, to live out his days with her in Oklahoma.

There are other issues at hand—finding a flight itinerary that will accept an injured dog as a passenger, a kennel large enough to accommodate a dog that needs his back legs outstretched, and….very important….who’s going to foot the bill to get him from here to there?

A ChipIn account was set up for Bobby just yesterday, asking friends and complete strangers to donate to Bobby’s trip to the US. Within a day, $1,020 was tallied along with the donors’ good wishes for a successful surgery and a happy future.

Some donors had the good fortune to have made Bobby’s acquaintance here in Granada; others didn’t need a face-to-face; they just want him to get well again. So the donations rolled in—$5 to $100 at a time—with apologies of “I wish I could have sent more.”

The surgery date must happen soon if Bobby is to benefit from this. Surgeons tell us that the longer the injury is not treated, the chance of success is less.

And so we continue to unabashedly ask for donations that will fly Bobby to good health again—enough to cover travel for his caretaker, to purchase his kennel, and an overnight stay in Miami before traveling on to Jacksonville.

While Bobby supporters send out donation pleas over the net, Bobby lies in wait for the return of a life destroyed with the swing of a stick on his back.

The comeback is probable, even through a few dollars at a time.

(To donate to Bobby’s Second Chance, please send your email address to Instructions for donating will be sent to you immediately. Any question—please ask!)


  • nicafred

    Missionaries, do-gooders and NGOs come and go. Donna Tabor has been here physically for over fifteen years really helping needy folks and defenseless animals. Kick in a few bucks. You’ll be a better person for it.