Police recover 60% of stolen COMTECH computers

(posted March 18, 6:28 p.m.)- A series of police raids over the weekend has recovered more than half of the computer merchandise stolen from two COMTECH trucks that were hijacked on the Inter-American Highway on March 3.

On March 16, police raided a mechanic’s body shop in Masaya, near the Las Flores-Catarina intersection, and arrested five men, including a Cuban-Costa Rican who had purchased 66 of the the stolen computers for resale in Costa Rica.

The following day, police raided a rented home in Carazo and found another 200 stolen laptops from the same heist, according to media reports.

To date, 12 people have been arrested and 60% of the stolen merchandise has been recovered, totaling some $250,000, according to COMTECH owner Ernesto Varela, as quoted by El Nuevo Diario.

Varela told the daily that the police’s work cracking the case has been “excellent.”

So far, police have not turned up anything in their investigation to suggest that the hijacking of the two delivery trucks was an inside job.

The business community, which was earlier demanding a thorough investigation, is now applauding the police for their swift work on this case.

The investigation, however, is apparently not yet complete.

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