Retired colonel dies in killer bee attack

(posted March 18, 5:10 p.m.)- Retired Army Colonel Amin Eslaquit, 55, died Saturday afternoon after being attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees on his farm in the municipality of La Concepción, Masaya.

Eslaquit, the uncle of Farah Eslaquit, who was crowned Miss Nicaragua Saturday night—less than 10 hours after her uncle’s death—was reportedly on his farm at midday, instructing a worker where to cut a branch off a tree that had split in the wind.

The sound or vibrations of the chainsaw apparently disturbed a beehive in the tree, causing the bees to swarm and attack.

Eslaquit, who reportedly had his shirt off in the afternoon heat, bore the brunt of the killer-bee attack.

His farm assistants came to his aid and rushed him to the hospital in Jinotepe, but apparently died shortly after getting there, according to La Prensa.

  • Jaime Silva

    Divine justice!

    • Fila Larios

      This was a good man that served his country and people. He was a general, father, brother, friend, grandfather, uncle, but most of all a good man… I had the chance to hear a story from him on New Years Eve , his eyes were watery and he chocked up during his story about his recent accomplishment of tracking down cold blooded killers that would kidnap,kill, rape, and steal from peoples homes.These men got away with many heinous crimes bc they were militia style trained. Being a victim himself of these criminals ( kidnaped, abused, killing all the farm animals including the dogs, attempted rape on his 15yr daughter), he made it a priority during his RETIREMENT to catch these men, although these men killed many people, he finally caught them , the day before he caught them, they killed his friends father in cold blood and attempted on that same mans wife but she survived.Some would say it was too late to catch them but it was right on time before they grew and victimized many more. He worked on his farm to produce the fruits of the land so that Nicaraguan people could enjoy them. No pesticides, all natural. This man loved nature and it was unfortunate that this happened to him . He was allergic to bees and other related chemicals caused by a sting. He died of anaphylactic shock. He was attacked by Africanized bees that sound like helicopter propellers when they attack by the hundreds, A man of his caliber didn’t suffer neither, he fought to stay alive. Although his arms went numb he was found by his workers hugging the tree to stay up. he was dragged up the mountain by little kids and a worker bc of his size. They rushed him to the nearest hospital 1 hr away, but it was too late , his heart stopped as soon as they pulled into the city. He left a wife and many kids behind. No ones life is predictable or promised. So who are you to pass judgment and say “divine justice” , that is just ignorant. I hope that you would never have to endure this with any of your relatives bc it is crushing feeling….Rest In Peace Amin Eslaquit, you will always live in our hearts as a GREAT MAN !

      • Jaime Silva

        He killed and ordered to kill many campesinos during the 80’s war!