Watchdog opens anti-corruption center

(posted March 28, 12:23 p.m.)- Government watchdog group Ethics and Transparency today launched the country’s first Anti-Corruption Legal Assistance Center, or ALAC, by its Spanish acronym.

The anti-corruption center, funded by Transparency International, aims to give citizens and institutions free legal assistance to denounce acts of government corruption and demand better quality of service from public institutions and programs.

Similar initiatives exist in 60 other countries where Transparency International operates.

“ALAC seeks to create a permanent way to promote structural reforms that benefit citizens through publication of information, free legal assistance and citizen training,” said Heriberto Herrera, who heads the project.

In an effort to get citizens to denounce corruption without fear, ALAC will respect the confidentiality of its users, Ethics and Transparency says.

According to transparency international, Nicaragua’s corruption-rating has not improved in recent years; it remains stuck at a rating of 2.3-2.5 out of 10, according to last year’s corruption perception index.

ALAC’s offices are located in Reparto Las Palmas, next to the Mormon Church. The telephone number is 2268-1037.

Citizens can also report instances of corruption online through ALAC’s website ( or by email,


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