Daniel Ortega: Mr. Popular

Ortega has gone from being one of the least popular presidents in the Americas to one of the most

(posted April 20, 6:30 p.m.)- President Daniel Ortega, who used to rank as one of the least popular presidents in the hemisphere, has shot up in the rankings to no.4 in the Americas, according to a regional popularity poll published today by Mexican firm Consulta Mitofsky.

The poll, which ranks the relative popularity of 19 presidents in the Americas based on each leaders’ domestic polling numbers, shows Ortega has increased his popularity in Nicaragua by 19 percentage points in the past seven months, reaching a 61% approval rating for a fourth place rank in the hemisphere.

In the previous Consulta Mitofsky poll, Ortega was ranked 14th out of 19 presidents.

In first place is Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, with an 81% approval rating, followed by Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos, 67%, and El Salvador’s Mauricio Funes, 65%.

In the cellar is Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla. Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli has also plummeted from the top of the list to antepenultimate.

The full ranking is:

1. Ecuador- Rafael Correa

2. Colombia- Juan Manuel Santos

3. El Salvador- Mauricio Funes

4. Nicaragua- Daniel Ortega

5. Perú- Ollanta Humala

6. Brasil- Dilma Rousseff

7. Venezuela- Hugo Chávez

8. Argentina- Cristina Fernández

9. República Dominicana- Leonel Fernández

10. México- Felipe Calderón

11. Estados Unidos- Barack Obama

12. Honduras- Porfirio Lobo

13. Paraguay- Fernando Lugo

14. Uruguay- José Mujica

15. Canadá- Stephen Harper

16. Bolivia- Evo Morales

17. Panamá- Ricardo Martinelli

18. Chile- Sebastián Piñera

19. Costa Rica- Laura Chinchilla

  • Gerd

    If anybody publishes polls, it should become a custom to publish always, who paid the poll. (Because I do not believe that those companies do the polls just for fun and pay it lout of their own pocket.)