Ethics & Transparency: electoral system has collapsed

Watchdog groups calls CSE an “international embarrassment” and warns that the collapse of Nicaragua’s electoral democracy poses a threat to peace

(posted April 26, 4:50 p.m.)- Electoral watchdog group Ethics and Transparency, the Nicaraguan affiliate of Transparency International, released a statement this afternoon excoriating as “deplorable” the government’s decision to convoke municipal elections next November while “ignoring the most serious problems of the current  electoral system: the financial and political corruption of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE).”

“The current de facto magistrates who convoked elections today are agents of election fraud and are deserving of the most severe criticism from election observers (for their work) during the past three elections,” reads Ethics and Transparency’s statement. “Their continuance in office and convocation of another election reflects this government’s desire to ignore the principal recommendations from election observer reports and assures that this next election process will be divorced from all equality and justice and far from any minimal international standards of democracy.”

Ethics and Transparency, which has operated in Nicaragua for the past 16 years, called the CSE an “international embarrassment” for Nicaragua.

The watchdog group warned that the “collapse” of Nicaragua’s democratic system “has become a threat to the peace and wellbeing of our citizens.”

  • Ken

    Probably true, but I would like more information about Ethics and Transparency. It’s probably legit, but it’s unfortunately not uncommon for supposedly neutral groups not to be so neutral.