Murillo announces nationwide powwow with cops

(posted April 18, 7:00 a.m.)- First Lady Rosario Murillo today announced a Great National Journey of Reflection on citizen security, one of the top concerns of Nicaraguan families, according to polls.

Top Cop Aminta Granera (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Murillo said police and Sandinista organizations will be meeting with people all across the country to discuss issues of citizen security—a journey, she said, that started today with Police Commissioner Aminta Granera’s trip to the North Atlantic Autonomous Region.

“The whole country will be in session with the National Police from the Councils of the Family, Health and Life, look for ways to treat the issue of citizen security that so concerns mothers, fathers and children,” Murillo said.

She said after all the meetings, there will be a “great national campaign of reflection on the actions that were decided upon together to improve citizen security of people, family, the community and the whole country.”


  • Julia Urbina

    The cops are just going to demand more bribes!!!