Nica street dog inspires song “Sweet Dog”

I wrote “Sweet Dog” while sitting on the couch with my guitar, staring in amazement at this beautiful dog chewing a bone on the carpet.

I was thinking back to the first couple days Tila entered our lives. I could see every rib, her backbone, her hair was rough, brittle and matted to her body; it was apparent she was malnourished and starving.

What really stuck out though was her demeanor. She wasn’t aggressive, like I had been taught, but she was very timid. Having lived most of my life in Washington, D.C., street dogs were never a noticeable issue. Stray dogs and cats are rounded up quickly and put into rescue centers, where they either await adoption or get put down.

I was well aware of this process, but when you don’t see it every day, you don’t really live with it. When I came to Managua, I had never before seen so many dogs wandering around. Some of them appeared healthy and vibrant, others more like Tila, but all of them were gorgeous dogs.

Many people (expats included) don’t realize they might be unwillingly supporting animal abuse/inbreeding or puppy mills when choosing to buy a pure-breed sold on the street in lieu of giving a homeless dog a chance. 

Looking at Tila on the carpet, with the softest coat of hair, athletic and healthy body, and a confident and comfortable demeanor, made me want to share my happiness. Her transformation mirrored my own. 

The idea with this song is to show people what amazing and loyal pets these dogs can make, if given a chance. And I hope to inspire others to adopt or rescue so we ultimately need less shelters.

“Sweet Dog” is the most important piece of music/art I have done to date. You can listen it to it here.

Evan Bliss is a Billboard Songwriting Contest winning singer/songwriter with an inimitable voice & style from Washington, D.C. With a large fan following on Facebook, Evan has performed for Sir Richard Branson & had his music featured in commercials for Reef and O’Neill. Evan has been writing, recording, and performing his music throughout the US since 2002. He has performed in support of artists such as O.A.R., Wyclef Jean and the Flaming Lips while achieving his own cult following. In addition to his music, Evan works on HIV/AIDS studies throughout the world and writes a sports blog for the Washington Post. His recent take on an Elvis classic, Milk Cow Blues Boogie, has recently gained him even more fans.

  • Mike Quinn

    Glad to see Even Bliss’ song get some more publicity. Take a minute to watch the video, it is really touching. Blogged and discussed a bit here–>