Rivas convokes municipal elections

(April 26, 2:30 p.m.)- In an act of coordinated political theater, internationally questioned electoral boss Roberto Rivas, who has been widely denounced for his controversial handling of the past three elections, has convoked municipal elections for Nov. 4.

Rivas, whose constitutional term limit expired more than a year ago yet remains in office in a de facto manner, waited until today to convoke the elections—later than the established date according to the electoral calendar—apparently to give President Daniel Ortega time to first present his electoral reform package on Tuesday.

Rivas gave his approval to Ortega’s electoral reforms and called on lawmakers to approve the bill, saying there is still time to incorporate the changes before the November elections.

“This will strengthen institutionalism and the democratic process,” Rivas said with a straight face.

According to Rivas, the opposition political parties will have until May 3 to present their paperwork indicating their intent to participate in the questionable election process led by the dubious and de facto CSE authorities.

Opposition parties have not yet commented on Rivas’ sudden announcement. Electoral watchdog group Ethics and Transparency, which declared last November’s presidential elections a “technical failure” under Rivas’ watch, has called a press conference for this afternoon.

  • http://www.elportonverde.com Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

    “This will strengthen institutionalism and the democratic process,” Rivas said with a straight face.

    Why did the AC/DC song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” come to mind as I read this?

    So you’re havin’ trouble with bein’ elected
    they’re givin’ you the blues,
    you wanna electorate but don’t have the cred
    here’s what you gotta do
    pick up the phone, I’m always home,
    call me anytime
    2011, 2016, oh
    I lead a life of crime,
    Dirty deeds,
    done dirt cheap
    dirty deeds,
    done dirt cheap

    (with apologies to AC/DC)

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  • Ken

    Can’t anyone get rid of this guy for simple personal corruption? It’s obvious that he lives on way more than his salary, and personal corruption would seem to be the easiest case to make.