Venezuelan police liberate Tico diplomat

(posted April 10, 7:10 a.m.)- Venezuelan authorities this morning liberated Costa Rican diplomat Guillermo Cholele, who was kidnapped by unknown assailants in Caracas on Easter Sunday.

Guillermo Cholele

Venezuelan authorities have not yet released information about the operation that freed Cholele in the early morning hours of April 10, but report that the Tico diplomat is in good health and is undergoing questioning and medical examinations in Caracas.

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo said the news of Cholele’s release “is an enormous relief to the family…and the foreign ministry.” Castillo said he hopes to have more information about the police operation to report to the country later in the morning.

Costa Rican authorities have been in close contact with their Venezuelan counterparts since Cholele was kidnapped Sunday night, as he arrived home in his car. Cholele, an Argentinean-born naturalized Costa Rican citizen, has worked as the economic officer in the Costa Rican embassy in Caracas since 2010.

No details have been made public about his kidnapping, his captors or the conditions of his liberation.

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