Volunteers needed for first special-needs school in Puerto Cabezas

There is excitement in the air in Puerto Cabezas as the children and their families await the life changing opportunity to attend school. Families of the disabled children are working alongside volunteers from Stichting Samen Scholen, a Dutch foundation that is constructing the area’s first school for special-needs children.  The school is scheduled for completion by the end of May.

The David Fellers Healing Art Foundation has already provided wheelchairs and other necessary aid to three more children who will be attending the school.

But there is much more work to be done when the construction is finished. This is the first special-education school on the northern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. And help is needed to organize and run this program.

We need volunteers who specialize in special education and therapist with expertise in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy who are willing to do donate their time and provide training workshops. Financial support to keep the program running is also essential.

Please help us raise the funds to continue to support this project. You can donate online by going to www.healingartfoundation.org – click on the “donate now” page.

With your help, this program will change many lives and open the doors of opportunity not only for the children attending school but also for the entire community!

Audrey Terry accomplished her mission to drive a van, equipped with a wheelchair lift and filled with supplies for the school, all the way from New York to Nicaragua. It was an exciting moment when the van arrived in Puerto Cabezas, with the therapy equipment and school supplies in tact! The supplies will be in storage at the Partners in Health Maine guest house until the first of June when we will return to help set up the school.

The David Fellers Healing Art Foundation has been working for the past three years to help disabled people in Nicaragua and create opportunities for them to have a fuller life. Inspiration for the foundation came from David Fellers who died 4 years ago at the age of 30. David was born with cerebral palsy and though his body was paralyzed from his condition his spirit was filled with enthusiasm and joy for life.

He touched the lives of many people and was a great example of finding joy in the moment. He never complained about his circumstance, but made the most of what he had. Many disabled people are great teachers and should be given the opportunity to participate in their communities.

The Healing Art Foundation helps “special people” of all ages. One of our important projects is providing help to the disabled lobster divers in the Puerta Cabezas area.

Our foundation guidelines allow us to help people one at a time by personally meeting those in need and evaluating their situation. We need volunteers who are trained in the United States in the health care field to help us with this project.

Please contact me, Sally Fellers if you are interest in becoming a part of the Healing Art Foundation: sallyfellers@gmail.com

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