10 days of rain take heavy toll

rains have claimed the lives of 9 people in the past week

(posted May 28, 12:45 p.m.)- Ten days of heavy rains have claimed the lives of nine people and affected 1,136 families—or more than 5,000 people—requiring the government to activate its emergency response system, according to Guillermo González, executive director of the National System of Prevention and Mitigation of Disasters (SINAPRED).

The government’s webpage reports that seven of the nine deaths occurred in the northern zone where people tried to cross swollen rivers. The other two were fishermen who drown in Lake Xolotlán (Lake Managua) on Saturday.

A total of 754 homes have been flooded, including 31 homes that have been destroyed and 263 seriously damaged by the rains. González told official media that SINAPRED has provided 300 homes with emergency roofing over the past week, and provided emergency food packages to 100 families. Only 10 families have been moved into shelters, the government says.

The extreme weather has also done a number on many older trees in Managua. Hurricane-force gusts that swept through the capital on Saturday knocked down 100 trees in 50 neighborhoods, damaging or destroying 10 houses in the process, according to the government.

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