‘Luna’ the guard dog needs a home

Luna is a sweet girl whose owner died a few days before Christmas. With few choices of where to go, I was asked to foster her in my home in Granada. For the first week, Luna was scared and unsure about her change of home. I couldn’t blame her—she had witnessed a tragedy which broke her heart and lost the only home she had known.

I tried to give her space, while at the same time teach her house rules and provide her with lots of love. Her personality soon began to blossom and she has become quite content with me and my dogs. But, ultimately, Luna is looking for a permanent home. She needs a place to feel safe and loved, and where she can live out the rest of her years.

She is a 4-5 year old mixed breed who wants nothing more than belly rubs and lots of food (these are her two most favorite things ever). I know she would also like someone to be home with her all day, but she has learned that that is not always possible. Luna is a very good guard dog, always on alert for strange noises or strange people. This has been something new to me (as my dogs are anything but guard dogs) while at the same time very much appreciated. Sometimes I have to let her know who is “okay,” and then she’s fine.

Luna’s biggest obstacle is a collar and leash. She does not know what “taking a walk” is and why she should enjoy it. We have worked on this and she is doing much better, but has a ways to go.

Her new family should continue to practice with her. However, if you have a yard or garden where she can do her “business,” that is all she needs. Luna is completely house-trained, so don’t worry about that.

Would you consider giving Luna a forever home? Luna would love to meet you to see if it might be a good match. If you don’t mind some talking, howling, cuddling and sloppy kisses, please contact Jennifer at jenj1212@yahoo.com or 8889-8672 to arrange a meet and greet. 

  • NicaCat56

    Jennifer, Luna was Bobby’s dog, right? She is a wonderful dog, just as sweet as any dog could be! Have you talked to Donna Tabor about her? I wonder if she could find a home for her up here in the States.

  • http://www.buildingnewhope.org donna tabor

    Yep, Donna Tabor (that’s me!) has arranged to send many dogs and cats to the U.S. with ex pats wanting to adopt ta Nica mutt. However it is not my first choice for a dog rescue. The U.S. has many over-crowded shelters with dogs needing homes. I suggest looking there first if live in the U.S. and want to adopt a pet. As for Luna, Carol Ann Rea here in Granada is caring for her, though she would prefer it be temporary. Luna is faring well — is safe from the streets. But she’s not the favorite housemate of Carol’s longtime pet, Toby. If Luna could find a home that is more welcoming , that would be best all around. She IS a precious dog!