Murillo talks about religious stuff

(posted May 8, 7:20 a.m.)- Nicaragua’s first lady and self-styled spiritual guru Rosario Murillo dedicated her daily poli-religious soliloquy yesterday to the topic of the Virgin of Cuapa, which is celebrating 32 years since its apparition and is the reason Nicaraguans now live in peace, according to Murillo.

“We remember how we invoked her to ask her to bring peace, tranquility, harmony, reconciliation, love for our blessed Nicaragua which is always free and today, 32 years after her apparition in Cuapa, thanks to her, thanks to God, Nicaraguan families live in peace, singing with the joy of living in peace, thanking her for her protection, her blessings and constructing wellbeing from the routes of common good, beyond egoism, beyond greed, further in the heart, in the spirit of our people who are Christian, Socialist and in Solidarity,” Murillo said during her daily apparition on Sandinista TV and radio.

 The first lady then invoked the Virgin Maria to protect and bless Nicaragua, “So that we continue to promote wellbeing, so that we continue to promote the common good, the solidarity, so that we continue seeing each other as brothers and sisters and as a great Nicaraguan family.”

Murillo went on to say “we consecrate the Virgin Maria as the mother of all of us” during mothers’ day—a month-long affair in Nicaragua— and on every day of our life, “Because our principal mission in this free and blessed fatherland is to promote the love, the concordance, the understanding, the respect for human dignity and the respect for the dignity of life in all its forms.”

“This is what we want and for this reason we invoke every day, for the values and the ideals of Christianity, Socialism and Solidarity, catching fire in our hearts making this Nicaragua yours, Maria of Nicaragua, of this Nicaragua Christian, Socialist and in Solidarity, this country that we all dream of, that we all want and can inhabit with brotherhood, liberty, dignity, fraternity,” Murillo concluded.

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    “The hills… the mountains… talk about your purple mountains majesty. Just fantastic… Green fields. Purple mountains. And the roads – black – cutting through the green. All the colors… the trees… Pennsylvania is nice too.”