Ortega increases workers’ bonuses by 50 cords

(posted May 6, 11:00 a.m.)- Starting on Monday, the Sandinista government will increase each government worker’s eleemosynary bonus by 50 córdobas ($2.10), bringing their total charity-line handout to 750 ($32.60) each.

The 7% adjustment to compensate for inflation was announced last Friday, “The Day of National Dignity.”

A total of 165,943 government employees receive the monthly cash handout, which the government calls its “Christian, Socialist and Solidarity Bonus.”

In an official release, the government said the inflationary adjustment is thanks to President Daniel Ortega’s “coherence and the firm commitment to the restitution of the rights of state workers.”

Critics of the government argue that if the administration were really committed to restituting workers’ rights, the bonuses would be included in their salaries each month as an established wage increase, rather than forcing government employees to wait in long bank lines to received a cash gift from the president that can someday disappear as quickly and mysteriously as it materialized.

Sandinista labor leaders, meanwhile, are thanking Ortega for his generosity.

  • Mr Padila

    $332,000 Dollars yearly where that money come from?
    wonder is that a buy out for political porpuses ; mandatory vote,mandatory presence to Ortega party campaigns or wherever Ortega wants from this people .I wonder whats going to happen when all these Regalias get to the End