RT to Greytown: $165

Twice-weekly flights on La Costena start next month

(posted May 23, 8:05 a.m.)- The recently opened $12 million airport at San Juan de Nicaragua will receive its inaugural flight Thursday morning—a 12 passenger La Costeña flight out of Managua.

Greytown’s old British Cemetery (photo/ Ronald Reyes)

The twice-weekly flights (Thursdays and Sundays) will zip tourists out to the river-mouth Caribbean outpost in 80 minutes, shaving about 9 hours off the panga journey up the Rio San Juan, or two weeks off the staggering trek by foot through the jungle—the only two ways to reach Greytown previously.

The inaugural flight was announced yesterday during a “press conference” that INTUR gave to state media, the only outlets that can be trusted with a story of this sort.

According to La Costeña’s webpage, which is now booking flights starting in June, the roundtrip flight will cost $165. In the near future, the airline hopes to start servicing the airport with 40-passenger planes to make the government’s multi-million investment in expanding the airport worthwhile.

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