Culinary Weekend promises a beastly good time

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Hello. You may know me from such articles as “Dune Boarding—the Next Extreme Sport?” or, more famously, from my blog, “Cooking with Calley P.”

I’m Calley P, and I’ve been busy recently planning an amazing and delicious Culinary Weekend!

Nicaragua has so much great food to offer, and I am a big food fan, so I want to showcase it. Down here in Nicaragua, we’re about more than surfing and volcanoes—we’ve got good eats, too. And we want people to know about it.

We have the benefit of using lots of natural ingredients in everything new prepare—from fresh fruit in our cocktails to fresh seafood in our Ceviche.

Chef Mark Dommen (courtesy photo)

At Restaurante La Finca y El Mar at Rancho Santana, we will be hosting three days of eating, drinking and learning about Nicaraguan foods from June 21-23. We’ll have garden tours, fish butchery demonstrations and domestic wine and cheese tasting. We’ll also have a demonstration on local produce, what it is and how to use it in daily cooking.

The best part of the weekend will be our inspiring guest visitor: Chef Mark Dommen, who is coming down from San Francisco’s Michelin-Star One Market Restaurant.  

We’ll be offering specials inspired by Chef Mark all weekend long at the restaurant. He will be offering cooking demonstrations, as well as leading the weekend’s main event. Drum roll… “The Weekly Beast”: a 4-course, prix fixe meal on Saturday, June 23 at 7 p.m.

At One Market in San Francisco, Chef Mark’s weekly beast demonstrations showcase how one whole animal can be broken down and prepared in a variety of ways in a four-course meal. It’s an incredibly popular event in San Francisco, where farm-to-table eating is all the rage. The event here at Rancho Santana will exemplify that same farm-to-table goal that we strive for here at La Finca y El Mar: to use the most fresh and local products to create delicious meals for our guests!

For La Finca y El Mar’s Weekly Beast Dinner we’ll be using locally raised Pellibuey.

In our preparations for the event, Chef Mark has already mentioned wood chips, 36-hour braising, and homemade pasta… It’s a beast of a meal that you won’t want to miss! We’ll also be offering a wine pairing option during the meal, to enhance your gustatory delights.

Many of the events are come as you are, but for the Weekly Beast Dinner, I recommend making reservations to guarantee your seats. Please email me at to make reservations and inquire about this tasty and unique event.

  • rico

    Wish I could attend. Looks terrific.

  • Chris

    It look absolutely delicious! However, I must say that the first lines of the Blog bears a slight resemblance to the words of actor Troy McClure when he was doing the promo for Rancho Relaxo…