Rubio takes credit for waiver cut

U.S. Senator calls Ortega a ‘thug’ and says other Central American countries should turn up the pressure on Nicaragua

(posted June 22, 9:00 a.m.)- U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, considered a rising star in the Republican Party, released a statement this morning taking partial credit for the cancelation of the transparency waiver.

“The move stems from earlier negotiations involving Rubio to secure the administration’s commitment to condemn and take actions against Ortega’s assault on democracy in Nicaragua,” reads the statement from Rubio’s office.

Sen. Marco Rubio (official photo)

“Daniel Ortega is a thug who illegally stood for re-election and then abused his power to secure a victory,” said the Senator from Florida. “This decision adds to the 2008 cancellation of Millennium Challenge Corporation aid projects as a result of the Sandinistas’ manipulation of municipal elections and is another example of how Ortega’s misrule continues to negatively impact the security and prosperity of the Nicaraguan people and that of their neighbors.”

Rubio urged the Obama Administration to “take a hard look” at the property compensation program before granting the second waiver next month. The U.S. Senator also called on other Central American countries to turn up the heat on Ortega.

“Other Central American nations should recognize they have a clear stake in demanding greater transparency from the Nicaraguan government for the sake of peace and security in the region,” Rubio said.

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    Don’t you love blonds…

  • MB

    If Ortega wants something from Washington, all he needs to tell them that he will legalize marijuana. The American war on drugs is very important to them. It allows them access to all the other countries they want under the guise that it is their responsibility to keep drugs away from Americans.The American government gains a lot of control not only of their own citizens, but citizens of other countries they want too influence.

  • Daddy-yo

    Rubio has a silver tongue. And yes he’s being vetted for Romney’s vice-president. (Otherwise Florida may not fall in his column, dimpled chads, the Supremes or not.) Imagine this scenario: a crazed, undocumented Latino knocks off the newly-elected president Romney … and be afraid.