Sandinistas close ranks around Ortega

(posted June 25, 8:50 a.m.)- Sandinista officials are lining up to commend President Daniel Ortega for threatening to block all USAID for civil society groups in response to the cancelation of U.S. bilateral aid for the Nicaraguan government.

Supreme Court Magistrate Francisco Rosales told Channel 12 TV Monday that “Daniel Ortega is right because it’s an act of sovereignty to decide how aid is spent, and at the same time it’s an act of sovereignty for the yanquis to decide to whom to give aid.”

Francisco Rosales (photo/ Tim Rogers)

The honorable magistrate said the U.S. is “prostituting its aid.”

“It’s like when the teacher tells the student, ‘If you don’t give me something, I won’t give you anything’,” Rosales said creepily.

The State Prosecutor’s Inspector General Armando Juarez also supported Ortega’s position. When asked by a Sandinista reporter if the president’s decision was “nationalistic,” Juarez answered, “of course.”

Civil society and the private business chambers have denounced Ortega’s position, arguing that the president is again putting his own political interests above those of the nation.

  • terrance rogan

    “It’s like when the teacher tells the student, ‘If you don’t give me something, I won’t give you anything’,” Rosales said creepily.

    I ll bet he was a teacher

  • Carla Chamorro

    It’s called “no tener otro palo en que ahorcase” and how easy the Orteguistas have fallen into the trap. That’s has been the whole idea, for them to react the way they have. Just like when hunting rats, you do a strategy that brings them together next to the cliff where they are trapped and killed. Good old wisdom and the reason why the West has been so successful.
    On another line and parallel to this:

    Daniel Ortega -Él, que le ha vendido la patria a Chávez y se ha hecho multimillonario con el dinero malversado al pueblo venezolano; que ha endeudado inmisericordemente al país, explotado demagógicamente la pobreza, confiscado propiedades, robado elecciones, perseguido a sus adversarios, aporreado manifestantes, desmantelado las instituciones, escupido en el ejemplo de Sandino y aupado a cuanto régimen sanguinario ha existido o existe, como la Libia de Khadafy y el genocida de Siria, viene a decir que su régimen es víctima de unas ONGs que en su mayoría han funcionado como Sor Teresa de Calcuta para ayudar a sobrevivir a los náufragos de las políticas neoliberales.

    • Ana Margarita Abaunza

      This is obviously the most unpatriotic act we have seen yet. If he keeps trying to suffocate our civil liberties and the people who put their efforts in this line of work he is just pushing the Nicaraguan people into a deeper repression. Repression is not a good friend of peace. They are only thinking about themseves, not our people. 100% de acuerdo con vos Carla.

  • Nestor Martinez

    Who can contradict Ortega without the fear of going straight to the jail or be purged from the FSLN party? They are not stupid.

  • Adevarul

    That’s an interesting *cough* viewpoint from a government that holds its hand out the USA for billions in aid and then embodies everything that the US opposes: stolen elections, massive corruption, socialist / Marxist doctrines, gut wrenching poverty, hostile attitudes toward positive foreign investment, etc. From this side of the table, the viewpoint is: Nicaragua wants and needs aid and as thanks and recognition of millions poured in to help its people, Ortega and the government officials spit on the extended hands and curse those who give aid. Please remind me why the US people are giving aid to Nicaragua instead of some other nation?

    • The Cat

      @Adevarul, exactly! Talk about major hypocrisy. Of course, Ortega and his “minions” (to actually be a minion, one might have to have an actual brain!) would be absolutely NOWHERE without “il padrino”, Chávez. I just don´t understand why el pueblo isn´t shouting, or screaming at him, “WHERE’S THE ALBA MONEY???” Of course, the vast majority of them don’t know/understand/care about this travesty.