Will ALBA oust USAID?

The leftist bloc of nations is calling for a unified pushback against Uncle Sam

(posted June 22, 11:28 a.m.)- In apparent response to the U.S. government’s decision to suspend the fiscal-transparency waiver for Nicaragua, the Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) is calling on its member nations to expel USAID from their countries, according to a statement published today in Cuban state media and picked up by EFE.

According to the wire, the ALBA political council formed by Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominica, Nicaragua and Venezuela, is denouncing the U.S. International Development Agency of being a “factor of perturbation against the sovereignty and political stability” of the ALBA nations. The leftist bloc is accusing USAID of “meddling openly” in their countries’ affairs by financing groups and projects that are “destabilizing the legitimate governments” of the ALBA nations.

“In most of the countries of ALBA, USAID—and its different organizations and facades—is acting illegally and with impunity, without any legal structure, to finance illegitimate media outlets, political leaders and non-government organizations,” the ALBA declaration reads.

“Our countries don’t need any external financing of any type to sustain our democracies and consolidate the will of the Latin American and Caribbean people,” the declaration adds.

In conclusion, the Political Council of ALBA calls on the leaders of the various ALBA nations to “immediately expel USAID from our countries.”

In the case of Nicaragua, the cancelation of the transparency waiver, which was suspended as a result of Nicaragua’s opaque handling of Venezuelan aid under ALBA, terminates $3 million in USAID funding for the Nicaraguan government. USAID, however, continues to invest some $27 million more in projects and programs led by civil society.

  • daverick4u

    this could be the armaggedon to our “paisito”, we cant go back 32 years and do the same stupid things, damn it this government hasnt change at all, well actually they have, they are richer than before…

  • Cathy Moore

    No, the government is NOT richer than before. The ORTEGAS are richer than ever before.

  • Anon.

    Who will be negatively affected by this?

  • Mela Pellas

    We are working on getting the REMESAS banned from being sent to Nicaragua. With no waiwers, Huga dead and no remesas, surely the nicas will overthrow this regime.

    • Rodrigo Monjarrez

      It appears you forgot few very strong issues, such as, current President Ortega approval rating all time high at 63%, Nicaraguan economy growing at a rate never seeing before with 4.5% growth per year, exports exceeding two thousand millions dollars, increase on Gross Domestic Product ever registered in any previous administration and I can go on and on.

      Your statement lack from consideration to the needed people in this country, lacks from sensitivity and carries an irresponsible message with complete ignorance.

      Drill this and do not forget this in your narrow mind…We The People who elected President Ortega, the sons of the popular sandinista revolution and millions upon millions supporting the efforts of this president to bring Nicaragua to a fairness in the distribution of the national resources of this country will never surrender to the interest of the US government policies, much less to transnational corporations nor to those like you who want to continue in the name of “democracy” seeing this country in the deepest poverty as a result of the unfairness policies of neo-liberals governments and who has never love Nicaragua.

      Socialist will prevails as long as people who love this country, you don’t love Nicaragua, your opinions and your family’s fortune can’t bend the destiny of this country loved by the real sons and daughters of Nicaragua, you are Disgrace!

  • Hans G.

    It seems like the Ortega family have way to much power and control and cant see past their greed for more. Unfortunatly, there is no one solution or answer to fixing the economy of Nicaragua, but I know for sure the current leadership is NOT the answer…..

    • Rodrigo Monjarrez

      It appears you forgot few very strong issues, such as, current President Ortega approval rating all time high at 63%, Nicaraguan economy growing at a rate never seeing before with 4.5% growth per year, exports exceeding two thousand millions dollars, increase on Gross Domestic Product ever registered in any previous administration and I can go on and on.

  • Peter

    The Ortegas like the Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and Chavez of Venezuela are part of a band of ALBA scum bags who want to rule as dictators. Dangerous people with absolulty no morals, liars and spiteful.

    Its not always that these people are fairly elected, they will do anything to acquire power, and even more to hang onto it.

    But like Chavez they can look forward to their evil being rewarded.

  • Carla Chamorro

    Ortega va por USAID (La Prensa 6/24/12):
    Buenas noticias!-Lo fácil que es batallar a los Ortegas-Murillos, ellos mismos se van enterrando el cuchillo al rechazar (bajo instrucciones de Chavez) la verdadera razón del porque los US negaron los Waivers. Lo único que vale para ellos son los petrodólares que se le están robando a los Venezolanos con la merienda de negros que se tienen con Hugo Chavez Frias. Van a pegarse un solo **** en los meros dientes….

    • Rodrigo Monjarrez

      Si es que se puede llamar a esto “comentario”, pues no tiene nada de inteligente sino mucho de acusaciones llenas de odio. Una breve lección!

      Ortega esta en lo correcto, si el FMI, el Banco Mundial y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo realizan prestamos al gobierno de Nicaragua siendo uno de los criterios la transparencia del manejo de ingresos, ese criterio dado por estos organismos financieros, es totalmente inconsistente que el Departamento de Estado de los EEUU de una calificación de “falta de transparencia” siendo ellos mismos quienes en gran parte financian al FMI al igual que el B. Mundial.
      Lee bien esto y gravatelo muy bien, el dia que logres dejar atrás esa mente estrecha, informarte y lograr tener tres dedos de frente, te quites la venda de odio a que hueles y transmites mas la envidia por los negocios que pueda tener la familia Ortega-Murillo, negocios de TV, radios y otros tan legítimos como el derecho que tiene cualquier ciudadano incluyendo los de tu familia Chamorro, entonces podrás entender esto y otros problemas para relacionarlos con hechos políticos y no económicos.
      A quien se le ocurre afirmar que por el consumo de cerveza y gasolina el 15% pasa a manos de Ortega, es esta la manera engañosa que estas acostumbrada a presentar tus argumentos, hay que ser mas que ignorante para salir con semejante idiotez.

      Querida Carlita, si te informas, te darás cuenta que los acontecimientos actuales que han y siguen afectando los gobiernos de centro izquierda de Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, el recién golpe de estado en Paraguay y la actual situación de los “waivers” en Nicaragua es una situación derivada de la política de control geográfica, si quieres geopolítica, que desea continuar ejerciendo EEUU sobre estos gobiernos que no son de su simpatía y mas bien contrarios a esas políticas de dominación que por años han ejercido y nada mas que eso.

      Si no te informas y no tienes capacidad de análisis para apreciar algo visto por miles o millones, esta bien, te respeto tu inteligencia limitada, pero tampoco dejes que te llenen la cabeza de torpezas para venir a repetirlas en este forum, por que, a quien le quieres ver la cara?

    • Rodrigo Monjarrez

      Que comentario mas absurdo y mas ignorante, solo refleja un odio incontrolable de una psicopata, ya quisieras!

  • auto

    Hurrah for Ortega, he has the balls to stand up to the crooked impreialistic USA . At least if Nicaragua goes down it will not be because the crooked Corporatist USA stole the country from them and turned the Nicaraguan people into corporate slaves, like the USA with the highest prison population in the world and the economy failing, civil liberties destroyed and a police state. If you dung-arses that want Orterga out, and want the life of the people in the USA, MOVE to the USA, and leave the people here in peace.

    • Rodrigo Monjarrez

      You are correct, the decay of the US society and the failed government policies placing monetary interest above humanistic needs by rescuing financial institutions, is a clear signal of the equivocal priorities and the downfall is inevitable.

      Nicaragua does not need the continuos imposition of foreign policies from the US in exchange for charities. Right or wrong, the current government was legitimate elected by a large majority and respect from outsiders must be demanded.

      USAID as a such called a “non profit organization” has been signaled with concrete facts as an espionage organization with clear intentions to create destabilization in countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia and others an Nicaragua is not an exception. It is totally inconsistent for the US State Department questioning transparency to the Nicaraguan government after all high ratings given by the IMF, BID and World Bank, these international institutions in part financed by the US government has praised the Nicaraguan government for the well managed economics obtaining for Nicaragua a 4.5% internal domestic growth, never seeing in any previous administrations.

      The US government should leave the Nicaraguans decide and control their own destiny, enough of interventions! Nicaragua is too much of a rich country in natural resources, and the abundance of water and thrust of politician domination goes one again, beyond the respect deserved by the country’s sovereignty and the dignity of his people. Nicaragua deserves to live without the US foreign intervention once and for all, luck-ally the sandinista government is strong and supported by a large majority, luck-ally as well, the burgess political parties have no leadership and will never conform unity as a result of their constant envy.

      • GringoLoco

        So-called US “intervention” = bad.

        Venezuelan/Iranian intervention = “shhhh, we don’t mention that”.


        • Rodrigo Monjarrez

          Remember the intervention Venezuelan-Iranian and Russian, Belorussian and all ALBA participant countries is by a selected choice of the current Nicaraguan government, contrary to the US State Department intervention with a history in this country and in various other Latin american governments, current cue in Paraguay, and in recent years in various arabs countries such as the current grotesque intervention in Syria.

          Do not get confuse and have a clear understanding, your country’s current and previous goverments has brought devastation to millions of people in this world, reason why the cynical policies are rejected.

          You and your conciseness continue to be proud of the most inhumane system in this world.

          • Nelson

            Absolutely correct in your assessments! The US policies are hypocritical and the thrust for the domination of the various natural resources is more than clear…Oil in Venezuela, natural gas in Bolivia, water in Nicaragua and on and on.
            In a large portion the US citizens standard of living has been gained by the insensible actions exploiting foreign resources, leaving poverty in Latin countries, 40 millions in extreme poverty in Mexico resulting from NAFTA treaty since the first term of Clinton, 18 years!
            Make no mistake, It is critical to the future well-being standard of living for the US population the domination and total control of Latin america resources and the US government is after that without a doubt.

  • http://no Delia Cruz

    The USA would never allow NGO’s and civil right institutions to only protect foreign interests and destabilise the US government. Nicaragua is right and they should not accept these policies that are based on electioneering politics rather than technicalities. Oh yes, it’s election year in the USA so it’s bully time? Actions of a strong leader and commander…..

  • http://peruvianprisonbreaks.com Jason W. Smith, Ph.D.

    In my experience both over the decades and very recently the number one US spy agency in Latin America is USAID backed up by special action executive teams composed of US Army Green Berets US Navy Seals, CIA contract thugs and Blackwater (whatever current name) mercenaries. If I were you I would get rid of the worst first – i.e., USAID – then get the others as opportunity presents itself – that is to say follow the lead of Ecuador in suspending these parasites operating as NGOs.

  • http://peruvianprisonbreaks.com Jason W. Smith, Ph.D.

    If you follow rt in Nicaragua you will see that the Russians have shown USAID the door precisely because it has been meddling in Russian politics and Putin knows well it is the number one US civilian spy agency. For more data go to my website http://peruvianprisonbreaks.com . or my Author’s Page at Kindle Books http://www.amazon.com .