‘Comandante Cero’ vindicated by DNA tests

Former guerrilla leader claims paternity-test campaign was part of a political effort to slander him and the Sandinista Front

Edén Pastora, you are….Not the father!

In a scene reminiscent of a paternity test episode of The Montel Williams Show, former guerrilla leader Edén “Comandante Cero” Pastora was vindicated by two DNA tests this week that prove he is not the father of Moisés Edén Ferrufino, who had launched a very public campaign claiming to be the Sandinista hero’s estranged son.

“It was impossible that I was his father,” Pastora told The Nicaragua Dispatch in a phone interview today. “When he was conceived, in May of 1979, I was in combat at Colina 155 (in Ostional, Rivas).”

Pastora says he thinks the paternity test campaign was part of a smear campaign by political adversaries who “want to damage the image of the Sandinista Front by alleging one of its figures is an irresponsible man.”

Ferrufino, 32, clearly identifies as a member of the opposition. For several weeks before claiming to be Pastora’s biological son, Ferrufino participated in a camp-out protest in front of the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE). When Ferrufino finally fingered Pastora as his father, a women’s rights group that is critical of the Sandinista government offered to pay for the paternity test.   

“This was a political slander campaign,” the former rebel hero says.

Pastora, 75, says “I confess to having 21 kids, 8 from marriage and three outside of marriage.” Pastora has also adopted 10 children from comrades who died in combat.

“I am not a womanizer, I am an impregnator,” Pastora told The Nicaragua Dispatch. “I have never forced a woman to have an abortion, but I don’t like to use condoms. They gross me out. I am very conservative in that sense.”



  • chris g

    maybe he should change his handle to Comandante ’21’

  • Erick

    Typical opposition, No foot to stand on……………………………………………….

  • John Shepard

    Cynic that I am I can only ask: “Did the CSE do the paternity test”?

  • Ana Anonima

    Pastora, 75, says “I confess to having 21 kids, 8 from marriage and three outside of marriage.”

    I guess Rosario’s family councel should start at his house.

  • http://www.alphabiker.com Tio Pere

    The gripe during the 80s war wasn’t that Pastora didn’t take good care of his children, it was that he took TOO good care of them. Combatientes who came back from the inner war zones with their guts shot out, barefoot from lack of supplies didn’t like seeing Pastora’s daughter running around San Jose with big diamond rings.